Louisville is located in the heart of bourbon country in Kentucky. This industry produces a lot of white oak barrels which can be crafted into very fine quality drums. DCCD started producing bourbon barrel drums in 2009, and would be proud to make one of these Kentucky original drums to any customer's specifications.

DCCD produces high quality stave shell drums.

For those not familiar, stave shell drums differ from mass-produced, plywood drums. Mass produced drums are made from layers of plywood laminated together with large amounts of glue, which has no tonal character. Stave shells are made from blocks of solid wood carefully joined together (similar to the way a cooper constructs a barrel, but with internal joints instead of external metal straps), with minimal amounts of glue. The result is a drum with a rich tone that reflects the character of the wood.

DCCD specializes in making drums from Bourbon barrels, but almost any species of hardwood can be made into a drum. In our experience, the density of the wood is the characteristic that most affects the sound of the drum. Heavier, denser wood (like Purpleheart, Mesquite, or Jarrah) produces a drum with more projection, more attack, faster decay, and a higher fundamental tone. Lower density woods (like Walnut, or Cherry) sound darker, more resonant, and have a lower tone. Maple, Oak, Ash, and Birch strike a good balance in the middle. Louisville Slugger bats are made mostly from Northern White Ash, which is also a great choice of wood for a drum!